Crimelord of T'Vii


Many people interact with Kryshnadal without ever realizing it, as he is extremely adept at disguising himself in a city of humans. Very few people ever see Kryshnadal in the flesh but when they do, he is an imposing sight. Taller and more muscular than any human, his raptor-like face is reminiscent of a viper about to strike. His green scales and tongue-customization to make it appear forked add to the impression.

No one is sure how old Kryshnadal is. It seems he, and his organization, The Golden Fate, have been around as long as anyone can remember. Prior to the Harmonizers they were a meddlesome nuisance. Assisting with the capture and execution of the Harmonizer leaders bought a reprieve from Golden Fate activity for the commonfolk, but the organizations members were spared prosecution as payment for their services. Emboldened, The Golden Fate have become a terror to folks in the lower castes of society throughout Embarelli province and beyond.


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