Sinjir Rath Velus

Human Bard


Sanjir spent most of his life in the Midnight Isles, an island chain known for reckless partying, free-spirited joviality and lascivious lifestyles. Ruled by a league of Duskish nobles (as they are known), some aristocrats revel in the common life, whilst others hold themselves far above it. Duke Lorgham Horsehair is one of the latter. When a crackdown on the manufacture of corsets using fraudulent whalebones sparked controversy, Sanjir wrote a compelling, popular and viscious bawdy ballad criticizing Duke Horsehair’s interest in the topic. After all the taverns and whorehouses in the capital of Port of Princes was singing it, agents of the Duke made it clear to Sanjir that his presence was no longer welcome there.

Unfortunately for Sanjir, the popular song (and his notoriety) spread across the rest of the Midnight Isles. Soon housewives from Bermaica to Jamuda were humming about the Duke’s naughty whalebone. Fleeing for his life, Sanjir caught the first ship to leave port – finding out after a week at sea (and when he sobered up) that the “Shoring Dory” was bound for New Arkna, a place as different from the Midnight Isles as is possible in human lands. Sanjir arrived at the port of Sandoral to find his bawdy sartorials about politics in the Midnight Isles made little impact on New Arkna’s hard-nosed farm and fisherfolk. To fill the time while he learns the lay of the land, Sanjir joined the adventuring company of an up-and-coming Arknan paladin.

Sinjir Rath Velus

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