Human Wizard


Fizban was a brilliant wizard…once. He served the Court of the Sun during the Draconic Wars, where he established a reputation as a reliable (if unpredictable) spellcaster and tutor. Now verging on the elderly years of his life, his mind is befuddled and he is much more interested in napping than studying the lore of the world.

At least, that’s what his outward persona would tell you. Inside his aging and confused body lies a quick and impulsive mind that still yearns for the thrill of adventure and the discovery of magical secrets unknown to other wizards. While his behavior would be considered by many to be a liability to an adventuring party, he also seems to be blessed with unintentional good luck and the events around him always seem to come to a fortuitous conclusion – whether by chance or design, it’s impossible to tell.


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