Human Druid


Coranna grew up an orphan on the streets of the large Arknan city of T’Vii. At first subsiding on the charity of neighbors and strangers, she was offered a home by an elderly and kind gentleman. However, this offer was a ruse to get her inculcated into The Golden Fate – a criminal underground organization that spans New Arkna but is headquartered in T’Vii. The Golden Fate run every conceivable racket. From grifting and pick-pocketing to murder, extortion, protection, smuggling – you name it and Coranna began to be involved. As she hit puberty certain manifestations of druidic powers began to appear and the leader of The Golden Fate, a dragonborn named Kryshnadal, took a personal interest in her and began to train her as his protege.

Moving from carefree grifting jobs to serious criminal contracts, Coranna realized that a life of crime was not for her. She ran away, only to be caught and imprisoned by Kryshnadal. Locked in an animal cage, Coranna finally began to exert control over her druidic abilities. She turned into a mouse and fled the city. Wandering for a ten-day brought her to the port city of Sandoral where she considered taking a ship for parts unknown until a posting for an opening at a local adventuring company caught her eye.


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