Welcome to Arkmaria

When Arkmaria was created, the great sibling gods Arkna and Mortka were set to watch over this world, but as siblings often do, they quarreled. Their arguments left the Celestial Plane and influenced the mortals of Arkmaria to fight for one deity or the other, great wars that left lasting imprints on the land and the gods themselves.

Over three thousand years ago, a decisive battle shifted the balance of power in favor of Arkna. Mortka was banished to the depths of the Abyss, his soul severed from his corporeal form. The servants of Mortka were hunted down and destroyed, and his four chief servants, the Dragonlords Andurival, Malgarion, S'ssalith and Venkarlis, disappeared. Mortka now is spoken of only in myth and legend, more as a story to warn children than a threat. However, the battlefield for this climactic event is now a wasteland, giving creedance to the old tales.

In the past millennium, the worship of Arkna has spread all over the world. While there are other gods and goddesses, Arkna is the de facto deity of most every land. From the theocratic empire of Ter'Arkna, to the reclusive Volgavians; from the mercantilistic Soldaran Federation, up to Ter'Illia and down in the stately Delarmar Republic, the worship of Arkna and the influence of her followers in affairs of state is absolute.

Yet all is not well in the fertile lands of New Arkna – a wide area between the dwarven and elven kingdoms that was long sparsely settled. About 70 years ago, the Church of Arkna began sending massive numbers of settlers across the Silver Strait. Towns and cities sprang up overnight, causing friction with their non-human neighbors. This wild land is still untamed, with stories of great beasts terrorizing the country folk, and ancient ruins hidden in forest, hill and glen. New Arkna offers plenty of work for adventuresome folk…